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Lindsay Lohan agrees to plea deal, will stay out of jail but go to rehab for 90 days

That glassy-eyed star of hers showed up well underneath the court's fluorescent lighting Monday.

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That glassy-eyed star of hers showed up well underneath the court's fluorescent lighting Monday.



We knew Lindsay Lohan would eventually cut a deal with prosecutors, but she sure took her sweet time doing it. Wouldn't you know, she won't serve a day behind bars for lying to cops about driving a Porsche into a semit truck. Nope, more rehab for her, because it was obviously so effective the previous however many times. We can't even keep track anymore.

Lohan was in L.A. Superior Court on Monday to work out a plea deal to spend 90 days in a rehab facility, TMZ reports. She pleaded no contest to reckless driving and making false statements to cops, keeping her out of jail. She will have to do 30 days of community service and get psychotherapy for 18 months, part of which she's getting credit for already doing. That also negates a five-day mandatory jail stay for the reckless driving charge. She'll also be allowed to do her 90-day stay in New York, and the judge advised her to not get behind the wheel anymore.

Here's the part you've been expecting more than anything: As part of the plea, she admitted violating probation from her jewelry theft conviction, so she was sentenced to 180 days in jail for that. but because she agreed to go to a live-in rehab center, that sentence was stayed, the site says. She won't do any stretch whatsoever as long as she doesn't break the law, which would be easy for normal folks, but this is Lindsay Lohan we're talking about.

It's pretty amazing she got this kind of sweetheart arrangement, seeing as how she managed to miss two commercial flights from New York and arrived 48 minutes late to court because her private jet didn't land in time. Because she can still afford chartering a private jet, apparently. And you wonder why the L.A. justice system is so backed up.

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