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Matt Damon (and his wife) thought working out for 'Elysium' was 'worth it'

He probably cut back on the pizza and beer, is what he's saying.

Columbia Tristar

He probably cut back on the pizza and beer, is what he's saying.



You'll be seeing a lot less of Matt Damon on the big screen when his new sci-fi movie Elysium hits theaters Aug. 9, but only because he worked out like a madman to get that ripped. It wasn't easy, either -- although it also wasn't as hard as having a robotic exoskeleton grafted onto his body in order to lead an invasion of a superfortress for the mega-rich, either.

"It was really hard because I love to eat and drink," the 42-year-old told People. "It's very hard to motivate me to get in shape." Part of the motivation came when director Neill Blomkamp showed him pictures of Damon's cut and tattooed badass character Max. "I went, 'Okay, this is definitely worth it,'" Damon said.

His wife Luciana thought so, too. "I think she likes the variety," he said. "When I did The Informant, I put on 40 pounds and I was like, 'You kind of like this guy too?' I'm trying to talk her into (liking) that guy because that's the guy I'm most comfortable being."

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