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Miley Cyrus says all that VMA criticism wasn't fair, gets another tattoo

Seriously, the tongue thing has to stop. It's just silly.

via Rolling Stone

Seriously, the tongue thing has to stop. It's just silly.



While Miley Cyrus continues to try to keep us all on full alert for her latest round of shocking behavior, Rolling Stone managed to tease out a few nuggets of near-wisdom from the Disney refugee. While she was getting the words "Rolling Stone" tattooed on the bottoms of her feet, mind you. No, really, she did.

She then took issue with the aspersions cast against her for her VMA performance; She said the negativity was out of line and misdirected. "No one is talking about the man behind the ass. It was a lot of 'Miley twerks on Robin Thicke,' but never, 'Robin Thicke grinds up on Miley,'" she said. "They're only talking about the one that bent over. So obviously there's a double standard." As for the criticism from Brooke Shields, who called Cyrus "desperate," well ... "Brooke Shields was in a movie where she was a prostitute at age 12!" Miley said.

Now here comes the really insightful part:

"America is just so weird in what they think is right and wrong," she said. "Like, I was watching Breaking Bad the other day, and they were cooking meth. I could literally cook meth because of that show. It's a how-to. And then they bleeped out the word 'f---.' And I'm like, really? They killed a guy, and disintegrated his body in acid, but you're not allowed to say 'f---'? It's like when they bleeped 'molly' at the VMAs. Look what I'm doing up here right now, and you're going to bleep out 'molly'? Whatever."

Yes, Miley, whatever. Whatever indeed.


[Last modified: Tuesday, September 24, 2013 3:15pm]


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