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NBC pulls episode of 'Hannibal' after real-life violence

You didn't tell me this show was so violent!


You didn't tell me this show was so violent!



In a somewhat puzzling move, NBC yanked an episode of their midseason replacement Hannibal because of it's especially violent content. The network does know the show's about an FBI profiler using a cannibalistic serial killer to help solve particularly gruesome crimes, right?

The fourth episode of the series, which was supposed to run on April 25, featured Molly Shannon brainwashing children into killing other children, Variety reports. Fearing backlash after the Sandy Hook massacre and the bombings at the Boston Marathon, NBC opted to skip over it and go straight to episode five, pushing up the season finale to June 20. The episode will air in foreign markets, which are no doubt slavering for America's culture of casual violence.

“Given the cultural climate right now in the U.S., I think we shouldn’t air the episode in its entirety," series creator Bryan Fuller told Variety. “I didn’t want to have anyone come to the show and have a negative experience. Whenever you (write) a story and look at the sensational aspects of storytelling, you think, ‘This is interesting metaphorically, and this is interesting as social commentary.’"

"With this episode, it wasn’t about the graphic imagery or violence. It was the associations that came with the subject matter that I felt would inhibit the enjoyment of the overall episode. … It was my own sensitivity.”

Variety notes there have been a few examples of this in the past few months: ABC delayed an episode of Castle involving a bomb, SyFy pulled an episode of Haven about school violence and Fox ditched episodes of Seth MacFarlane's Family Guy and American Dad it felt weren't proper in the wake of Sandy Hook. To be fair, they can say that about any MacFarlane show.

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