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Note to boycotters: 'Ender's Game' author isn't making more money off movie ticket sales

What do you mean, you didn't do the reading?


What do you mean, you didn't do the reading?



There's been a lot of chatter about people boycotting the new movie Ender's game, which opened nationwide Friday, because the book's author Orson Scott Card is an outspoken opponent of gay marriage and LGBT rights. Problem is, not seeing the movie really isn't going to matter much to Card's wallet these days. pointed out that Card, who was not involved in writing the current screenplay and only has a meaningless executive producer credit, made his deal with Hollywood years ago, and has nothing riding on the back end -- meaning he sees a percentage of the movie's profits. Instead, he took a good chunk of change about decade ago, and even earlier than that he got about $1.5 million to attempt to write the screenplay, which he eventually abandoned.

Even so, the people behind a boycott drive say it's the thought that counts. “If it turns out that the LGBT community’s refusal to see Ender’s Game carries more of a symbolic rejection of Card and his rhetoric than a financial one, I think that’s still a powerful message to content providers,” Geeks OUT boad member Jono Jarrett told TheWrap.

One side effect of the movie coming out, of course, is that sales of the book, first published in 1985, have skyrocketed to the top of the New York Times best sellers list for paperbacks. It's usually up there somewhere, given the book's stature (the current streak is 54 weeks), but it's shot to No. 1 as director Gavin Hood's movie hits screens.

Card is still making big bucks off those residuals. That means every nerd out there who liked the story has already, in some small way, contributed to Card's financial empire. So if you hate his politics but have read the book, consider your ethics now compromised. Sorry about that. And all this about a book that ironically is, in part, about the ethical dilemma of a being's right to exist, despite having different goals and behavior from the protagonists.

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