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One Direction members busted smoking pot

Seems like the boys of One Direction are all about their motto Live While You Are Young.

In a five-minute video posted by the Daily Mail, two of the guys, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson, are seen smoking pot, which means they could face a ban from the United States.

Fingers crossed.

In the clip, Malik and Tomlinson pass a joint back and forth in a car on their way to Estadio Nacional, where they performed in Lima, Peru, last month. Tomlinson acts as narrator:

“So here we are, leaving Peru. Joint lit. Happy days!” he says, then asks Malik what he thinks.

“Very controversial,” the-21-year-old replies.

“One very, very important factor of Zayn’s warm up, of course, is Mary J., herself,” Tomlinson adds before passing the joint back to his friend. “How is it, Zayn?”

“Nice,” Zayn responds.

The pair go on to joke about their police detail.

“That’s the po po,” Tomlinson says — because he’s gangster. “He’s thinking, I’m sure I can smell an illegal substance in there, and he’s hit the nail on the head.”

Toward the end of the video, Tomlinson makes one nail-on-the-head prediction, that’s for sure: “I’m just wondering now. I’m sitting here in Peru wondering will this come back to me? Who knows? Maybe, maybe not.”

Yep, it did, you illegal pot smoker, you.

Some fans and their parents aren’t taking the crime of the century very lightly. Ticket holders have been posting photos of themselves burning, ripping and selling tickets because they are so disappointed in the heartthrobs.

Julie Talbott, who was taking daughter Emma, 16, to the band’s show in Sunderland Wednesday said, “It is disgusting. It is completely wrong, they get paid so much money and they spend it on drugs. It is a bad message for children. I have heard kids talking in the queue saying it is all right. They think if the boys do it then they can do it. I could kill them as they have taken over my daughter’s life for three years and she would never do it but it is worrying.”

Also worrying: how this mom is still enabling her daughter’s obsession with One Direction.

Honestly, this all seems kind of silly, but there could be real trouble, or at least a slight annoyance ahead. Leading U.S. immigration lawyer Michael Wildes told MailOnline that if the singers are convicted or admit guilt, they could have Justin Bieber-style trouble getting into the States ahead of their soldout 39-stop tour, which starts in New Jersey on August 4.

Wildes — whose dad Leon was John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s immigration counsel on their Green Card applications when President Nixon had the Beatles star placed on an enemies list — added, “The basis of a determination to bar One Direction from admission into the USA would be any concessions that they make or proof that they engaged in unlawful conduct. Even the smoking of a single joint could have that effect.”

All the speculation is probably moot, though. Senior Officer Ivan Valero, based in the Anti-Drugs Department of the Peruvian National Police, said authorities do not plan to prosecute. Valero added, “There are many places where these drugs are available and it wouldn’t have been hard for them to come by. Peru has large problems with drug trafficking and the fact that this group has publicized its use of drugs in our country is bad for our image.”

Yes, One Direction is bad for Peru’s image. You read it here first.

[Last modified: Sunday, February 15, 2015 11:02pm]


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