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Oprah Winfrey to Lindsay Lohan: Cut the B.S.

Shock, horror: Lindsay Lohan wasn't the easiest to work with.


Shock, horror: Lindsay Lohan wasn't the easiest to work with.



Spoiler alert: The filming of Lindsay Lohan’s OWN reality show did not go off without a hitch. Also, apparently it’s not the wisest to accept an opportunity from Oprah Winfrey if you’re just going to mess around and not give any hecks, Lilo-style.

The first preview for the Mean Girls star’s docu-drama reveals what we’ve been reading for months, that Lindsay had slipped back into her flaky ways. She subsequently got, well, owned by O, Radar Online reports.

In the clip, Winfrey is steaming after finding out that the embattled star was canceling shoots with her camera crew. This was right around the time rumors were swirling that the 27-year-old, who had just finished rehab, was drinking again.

“This is exactly what everybody said was going to happen,” Oprah said, “and I believed differently.”

To Lohan the media mogul said, “My truth is that I really do want you to win. I really do. If that isn’t what you want, I’m okay with that. I will tell these guys to pack up and leave.”

Ouch. That’s like the ol’ “I’m not mad; I’m just disappointed” with a side threat of “I’ll take away your spotlight.”

Lindsay said this time would be different, to which Oprah replied, “You need to cut the bulls---. You really do.” Gasp! Naughty word!

Obviously, the show went on and the two are still on tweeting terms. Oprah, on Tuesday: “are you ready for the world to see what Recovery looks like?” Lindsay: “Ready as I’ll ever be. Thank you so much. Here we go!! #lindsayonOWN.” Lindsay premieres on March 9.

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