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Rihanna bloodies knee while dodging bottle thrown by heckler

This is kind of the opposite of what you'd want to say.

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This is kind of the opposite of what you'd want to say.



Rihanna is still feeling the fallout of her relationship with Chris Brown, cutting a knee while dodging a bottle thrown by some jackwagon shouting at her for dating the guy. It’s bad enough she has to dodge Breezy’s fists already, don’t you think?

The New York Daily News says a heckler confronted RiRi at the Box nightclub in London (where she was celebrating the unveiling of her River Island fashion collection), shouting at her for getting back together with the guy who put her in the hospital in 2009. The attacker then hurled a bottle of Lucozade energy drink at her, making her duck and scraping her right knee on a shop grating.

That’s really not sending the right message about preventing violence against women. Maybe the attacker, who was not identified, could have thrown a few packs of gauze, or perhaps a teddy bear holding a heart that read, “Your reconciliation in un-bear-able.” That would make a statement, right there.

[Last modified: Monday, February 18, 2013 4:16pm]


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