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Robert Downey Jr.'s son Indio has a problem with prescription drugs

Is taking one pill a day considered an addiction?

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Is taking one pill a day considered an addiction?



Robert Downey Jr.'s 20-year-old son Indio is getting treatment for a prescription pain medication problem, the National Enquirer reports. We hate to make a "like father, like son" reference, but when the shoe fits ...

It's not as bad as all that, however, according to Downey's ex-wife, Deborah Falconer. “He was not addicted,” she told the tabloid. “He was taking one pill a day.” She added that he's at a "treatment facility" where he's getting “holistic, natural and orthomolecular” therapy, whatever that is.

“We are hoping to do it the ho­meopathic way rather than with medications,” Falconer said. “He’s being treated with vi­tamin supplements and organic foods.”

Indio is in a band called The Seems that has a new record deal with Warner Bros., and he's starring in a movie called Run for Roxanne, coming out in 2014. It's got Jason Mewes in it, so it's no surprise the plot is about drugs.

[Last modified: Wednesday, October 2, 2013 4:20pm]


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