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'Star Wars' movies will be coming out every summer, starting in 2015

You will see this screen again. And again. AND AGAIN.

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You will see this screen again. And again. AND AGAIN.



As if all the Star Wars nerds weren't already spazzing out about Patton Oswalt's YouTube-friendly rant about the next trilogy wasn't enough (watch it here), Walt Disney Pictures and Lucasfilm announced the full extent of their plans. Would you believe there will be a new movie every single summer starting in 2015? You should, because the mouse isn't messing around.

The studio said at CinemaCon in Las Vegas that not only will Episode VII come out in two more years, but it'll be out in the summer for sure, reports. After that, the standalone films they're making (however many that is) will be worked into the schedule so that a new one will come. Out. Every. Year. That's a lot of lasers adn lightsabers.

The Juice* has been kind of happy at the news Disney was taking over the franchise, if only because it means eventually they'll release an unaltered original trilogy, so that we may share with Toddler Juice* the true power of the Force. But with all this, we have to provide on metaphor: You know how when you eat a tube of Pringle's, the first few taste really good, then they get kind of old, and then by the bottom they make your stomach upset? Imagine those Pringle's were Ewoks.

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