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Was Justin Bieber's house full of drugs during raid?

Justin Bieber hasn't been generating the most positive buzz lately.

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Justin Bieber hasn't been generating the most positive buzz lately.



First his house is searched after an egging incident, then his BFF Lil Za gets arrested for drug possession, then word leaks that his handlers want him to go to rehab for drug abuse. And now this: TMZ says Justin Bieber’s house was full of drugs and drug paraphernalia when authorities raided the mansion last week.

Within deputies’ view were two cookie jars stuffed with weed, sources tell TMZ. Other items inside the residence include five empty codeine bottles, three bongs and a bunch of discolored Fanta bottles. Sources say Bieber has a problem with Sizzurp, which is typically made with codeine and promethazine mixed with Sprite and a Jolly Rancher. But word is Bieber prefers his “lean,” as it is also called, with Fanta instead of Sprite. The discoloration on the bottles is from the codeine, sources say.

Also in the house were Swisher Sweets cigars, typically used for rolling blunts, and hookah pipes inside a dedicated smoking room.

Lucky for Bieber, the cops weren’t looking for drugs. They were looking for surveillance footage of the egging incident.

Lt. David Thompson, the lead detective on the case, said that if there were in fact drugs stashed all over the place, he didn’t see any of it.

“Maybe there was codeine in the medicine cabinet, but the scope of the search warrant was such that we didn’t go through medicine cabinets or open cookie jars,” Thompson told the New York Daily News on Monday.

“It’s pretty widely known the kid smokes weed,” Thompson said on Thursday. “We’re not doing some big sting on Justin Bieber. We didn’t go opening containers and pulling out drawers. This was about the egging.”

Wait, wait. Wait. Is there a new War on Egging we don’t know about?

[Last modified: Monday, January 20, 2014 11:21pm]


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