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The 12 days of gadgets, a Christmas carol



In the spirit of the holidays, I bring you "The Twelve Days of Gadgets." The lyrics, changed from the classic Christmas carol, showcase some of the top technology and gadgets for the holiday season. Too bad the original song only covers 12 days because there's a ton of cool stuff out there right now. The twelve I included are surely a good start.

Links to all the gadgets are below the video, in case you want to check them out.

Special thanks to Best Buy store manager Scott Dowen and his team at the 22nd Ave. store in St. Petersburg for their help when I was shooting the video.


1. Apple iPad - Tablet computers are outselling everything else right now and the iPad is the one everyone wants.
2. Playstation 3 (PS3) - The PS3 isn't new but some of the things you can do with it (Playstation Move, Gran Turismo 5) are making it a hot ticket again. It's also a capable Blu-ray player which makes it a nice two-fer.
3. HD TV - The prices keep dropping the the latest LED LCD units are thinner, brighter and sharper. HD is no longer a luxury, it's the new standard.
4. Nook Color - For those who don't need the power of an iPad but still want color and light Internet use, the new Nook is solid and at a great price point.
5. Apple TV - The focus of our digital content is now on the TV in the livingroom. The Apple TV and other devices like it help get it there.
6. Android HTC EVO - The EVO is a spectacular phone with a huge screen and many great features. It's a strong  competitor for the iPhone 4.
7. Blu-ray player - Some think Blu-ray is already on it's way out and will be replaced with streaming content. I don't agree. Have you seen the quality? Prices on the players and the discs continue to drop. Streaming is great and very convenient, but people will still want to add Blu-ray titles to their personal libraries for the utmost quality.
8. MacBook Air - The 11-inch model is the sexiest laptop I have ever seen. It's so light and fast. Yeah, you can't store as lot of files on it and you can't use some high-end programs (like Final Cut Pro), but who cares? For what most of us do now (email, web browsing, Facebook, etc.) it has more than enough power in a wafer-thin package.
9. Sansa Fuze+ - No iPods are on the list. Why? Because the iPod isn't the only game in town and some of the others offer innovative features. With the Sansa Fuze+ "SlotRadio" feature you can buy preloaded cards with 1,000 songs for $40. You do the math.
10. Jawbone Jambox - When paired with your phone this Bluetooth speaker is also a speakerphone, and it packs a big punch in a very small package.
11. Owle Bubo - Although not a mainstream device, for anyone who wants to make excellent videos with their iPhone 3GS or 4 the Owle Bubo is a fantastic tool.
12. iPhone 4 - It's still the phone many people want. Holiday sales may be diminished by rumors that it will be available on the Verizon network early next year. If that happens I expect the iPhone 4 to quadruple in popularity.

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