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Apple releases update to Final Cut Pro X, free trial now available



screen_shot_2011-09-20_at_6.00.35_pm.pngApple released their first update to Final Cut Pro X since it's launch, adding a short list of new features. Undoubtedly the most important of those is the ability to import and export events and projects as XML files, which means Final Cut Pro 7 projects exported in XML can be imported into Final Cut Pro X through third-party software. It's not a direct support path to legacy Final Cut projects but it's better than what was available, which was nothing. Here's a list of the new features:


Additionally, Apple has released a free, 30-day trial of the Final Cut Pro X software to lure legacy Final Cut Pro users who have been holding out (I'm one of them) to try the new software. The trial is fully-functional and expires 30 days after the first launch. A special pdf guide prepared by Apple, called "Final Cut Pro X for Final Cut Pro 7 Editors" is designed to help people compare the differences between the two video editing packages so they can make a decision about upgrading. More information about Final Cut Pro X is available at this page.

I'll be downloading this and giving it a try, now that I don't have to shell out $300 to do it, so I'll let you know how it goes.

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