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Attempts to get an iPad 2 before official release fall short



I had a plan. I figured if went to a Walmart store at midnight I would find a late-night employee who would be unaware of the official 5 PM launch time for the iPad 2 and would sell me one early. Three Walmarts, no iPads. They were well-informed and toeing the line. Undaunted, I returned home to get some sleep with plans to try Target and Best Buy this morning.


I went to Target first and was met with the same response. "Come back at 5 PM," they told me. "We don't even have them in the store yet."

Best Buy wasn't open yet so I went to a nearby AT&T store. There I was told they weren't even going to have them in the store for the launch and that only one AT&T store in the area would have them.


On to Best Buy and still no luck. The employee there got very nervous when I asked about getting an iPad 2 early and said she would lose her job if she even told me how many they had. There was a genuine fear in her eyes, almost as if Steve Jobs himself was standing behind her, glaring, and threatening to take everything she had if she sold me an iPad 2. The irony!

I tried another Best Buy and one more Target with the same results. The whole process shook my faith in the ability of people to break the rules right to the core. The second Best Buy did tell me they will hand out tickets at 4:30 and those with tickets will be the first in line at 5 PM.

So while I had intended to be telling you all about the iPad 2 by now, all I can tell you is I still don't have one. Hopefully that will change shortly after 5 PM.

[Last modified: Saturday, March 12, 2011 12:16am]


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