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Browser extensions hide Facebook's live ticker and floating bar



better_facebook_large.gifA day after the big changes made by Facebook people are still reacting. Most of the discussion seems to be centered on the live ticker that now appears at the top right of your Facebook wall. Late yesterday posted some instructions on how to hide the ticker using several browser extensions. The extensions mentioned are "Unannoying Facebook," (for the Chrome Browser only), "Better FaceBook" (for most browsers), "AdBlock" for Chrome and "AdBlockPlus" for Firefox.

screen_shot_2011-09-22_at_10.03.13_am.png  screen_shot_2011-09-22_at_10.27.42_am.png

The instructions on are very clear. The "Unnanoying Facebook" extension appears to be the easiest to use. The other two require you to do access some advanced features to enter a small amount of code that you can copy from the sumtips site. None if it is difficult if you follow the instructions.

I used Better Facebook for about six months and enjoyed the flexibility it provided for configuring my Facebook account. After awhile, however, it seemed to be really slowing down my browser so I disabled it. Perhaps it's time to give it another go to see if it has improved.

Let me know if any of these methods do or do not work for you. Thanks to Renji at SumTips for putting together the instructions.

[Last modified: Thursday, September 22, 2011 10:53am]


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