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ChargeCarte rapid charger can save you when you leave your smartphone charger at home



Have you ever been on the road and forgot your smartphone charger? Maybe you're in Nashville, for instance, playing your trombone with a bunch of your college buddies and you have no way to charge your Samsung phone. How do you Facebook? How do you text? How do you read this blog post? What's a traveling trombone player to do?

img_0177.jpgWell, you could go to a store and pick up an after-market charger or borrow one from a friend, or you could go to the airport and use the ChargeCarte rapid charger.

The ChargeCarte is from the same folks who brought us SmarteCarte, those little rental luggage carts you can get at airports everywhere. ChargeCarte is a small kiosk with an assortment of charging cords protruding from the front, with adapters for pretty much any smartphone or iPod you might have. Just slip in a credit or debit card to pay $3 for 30 minutes of rapid charging and renewed connectivity to the world.

So if there are any trombone players out there, or anyone else for that matter, who need to charge their phones on the road you might want to tell them about Smart Carte so they can get to the airport, charge their phone and read about this great piece of gadgetry themselves. Or you could take tell them to go to a local department store to get an adapter for about $15 and stay connected for good.

(Inside joke and inspiration for this post: The Gadget Guy's nephew is currently performing with a trombone choir at the International Trombone Association Festival in Nashville, TN and forgot the charger for his Samsung phone.)

[Last modified: Thursday, June 23, 2011 4:10pm]


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