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Cobra Tag can help you find your valuable electronics or your keys



Have you ever lost something valuable and then had to retrace your steps to find it? It takes a lot of time to do that and often if it takes too long, the item is gone before you can get there. Wouldn't it be better if you knew right away where the lost item was, or better yet, received a reminder when you were about to walk away from it?


The Cobra Tag system from Cobra Electronics is designed to prevent you from losing your valuables and if you do lose them, it will help you find them fast. Utilizing Phone Halo technology, it uses a Bluetooth tagging system housed in a key fob that's used in conjunction with a Smartphone app. With the app installed and the key fob paired to the user's phone, user's can attach the device to their keys, a purse, a laptop bag or other item they want to protect. The Cobra Tag automatically monitors the distance between the phone and tagged items and sounds an alarm when they become separated.

If you don't hear the alarm and are separated from your tagged item, you can use the Cobra Tag app to retrieve a recorded GPS location of the missing item with a time and date stamp. This information also can be configured for automatic delivery to a pre-configured contact list via email, text message, or even to a linked Facebook or Twitter account. The system also includes a two-way location feature in case you lose your phone but still have the key fob. Using the separation information sent to you via email (maybe have this set to send to a spouse or friend) you can backtrack to your lost phone. Pressing a button on the fob will make the phone ring which should help you find it once you're close enough to hear.

The Cobra Tag is scheduled to ship in July. The app has been announced for Android and Blackberry but so far there is no mention of an iPhone version. Cobra Electronics is showing it at International CTIA Wireless in Orlando and I'll be there beginning tomorrow, so I plan to check it out.

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