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Don't be left behind! Get a RaptureHatch before it's too late!

Just one day until the latest Rapture and I've been trying to decide what to wear. I wouldn't want to be caught dead wearing the same clothes I wore at all the other Raptures. As I was looking around on some of the Rapture sites I came across this cool gadget, the RaptureHatch!


You know me, I would probably be inside, blogging and Facebooking away which would cause me to miss the end of the World. But with the RaptureHatch installed I can just leave it open and wait until it's time to go. I'll be blogging away until the last minute and then will just get sucked out of my house, right through the hatch! I just ordered one for overnight delivery on my credit card, and since civilization as we know it will be gone before the bill arrives, I won't even have to pay it. Sweet!

Also, I found the shirt I want to wear for the big day. Check it out!



[Last modified: Friday, May 20, 2011 10:21am]


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