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Dramatic anti-texting while driving video released by AT&T



fb_badge.gifIt's good to see the issue of texting and driving coming to the forefront so much now. It's a real problem that, if we're honest, many of us have contributed to from time to time. Back in October I did an extensive post on gadgets you can use to communicate through texting and social networks while keeping both hands on the wheel. AT&T has taken a responsible approach to the issue, launching an educational campaign in March that has culminated in today's release of a documentary video titled "It Can Wait."

The truth is, every text we send while driving, and phone calls too, can wait until we're stopped. For those old enough to remember when we didn't have cell phones, we survived just fine by stopping to make a call on a pay phone when it was necessary. And that's the key word here. Necessary. When you look at the cases where people died while texting "LOL" or some other trivial message, it makes you realize how senseless and tragic this situation is.

The AT&T campaign page provides links to lots of great information on the topic, a quiz on your texting and driving habits, a link to a Facebook page and many other resources.

Many companies are developing technologies to improve our ability for communication behind the wheel. I will be posting those as I find them and I suspect to find many at the upocoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

[Last modified: Monday, December 27, 2010 2:16pm]


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