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An easy way to download mp3s from YouTube videos



I grew up playing the trumpet and was always a big Maynard Ferguson fan. In high school jazz band we played a Maynard arrangement of "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me" but Maynard himself never recorded that song in the studio. Some old videos of him playing it live eventually showed up on YouTube but I just wanted an mp3 for my iPod. Sure, I could download the video file and use a utility to suck out the audio track, but I knew there must be an easier way to do it.

There is. At you can search for YouTube videos, select the one you want and save the soundtrack as an mp3 straight into iTunes. It's that easy. I simply did a search for "Maynard Ferguson Sun" and this is what I found:


The Dirpy Studio lets you choose your quality setting, add ID3 tags to the mp3 file and you can even set in and out points for the download. Then just click the "Download to mp3" button and start listening. And if you want to download the video you can do that too.

Now of course copyright issues come to mind when using a utility like this. YouTube does a pretty good job of policing their videos for copyrighted material but some less-popular songs still slip through. So to be clear, I'm not endorsing the use of this cool online gadget to load up your iPhone with music you haven't purchased. Used with discretion for some of the more rare pieces of music, however, it's the perfect tool.

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