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Facebook Messages adds new features if you choose to enable them



OK, Facebook. What do you have up your sleeve today?

While using the Facebook Message system to reply to a message today, I noticed some new features. A small check box lets you toggle "Quick Reply Mode" (hit Enter to send). Another check box lets you send the reply as a simultaneous text. A small camera icon brings up a box to give permission to a flash-based camera (like a web cam) for making a photo or recording a video and paperclip icon lets you attach a file.

screen_shot_2011-03-28_at_1.56.19_pm.png  screen_shot_2011-03-28_at_1.56.25_pm.png

screen_shot_2011-03-28_at_1.56.30_pm.png  screen_shot_2011-03-28_at_1.56.45_pm.png

screen_shot_2011-03-28_at_2.13.16_pm.png  screen_shot_2011-03-28_at_2.14.01_pm.png

I can see these features on a separate Gadget Guy Facebook account but do not see them on my personal account. A few weeks ago I was prompted to claim my Facebook email address ([email protected]) before it was gone, which I did. I did not enable Facebook email on my personal account. I'm guessing that's the difference.

Is anyone else seeing these new Facebook tools, and if you are, did you enable Facebook email? Let me know what you're seeing out there. The big sell on enabling your Facebook email adress and using the new Messages system is that you can combine text, chat and Facebook messages into onem threaded conversation. Sounds cool, but some people are concerned about putting all their eggs in the big Facebook basket.You can find more information on the Facebook Messages page and decide for yourself.


[Last modified: Monday, March 28, 2011 3:45pm]


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