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Facebook National "UnFriend" day a chance to evaluate your online relationships



Yesterday was National "UnFriend" Day on Facebook. I don't think it's an official holiday (Hallmark didn't have cards for it) but it was official enough to have two stars, Brad Paisley and Darius Rucker, record a special theme song for Jimmy Kimmel Live.

I siezed the opportunity to examine my online relationships and found 98 people who were Facebook friends with whom I hadn't interacted at all. So I unfriended them with no remorse, knowing they likely wouldn't notice or care. And that's not to say they were the only ones to blame for our lack of interaction. Facebook friending is a two-way street and requires both people to agree to the friendship and then participate in it. So for some of those people, I accepted their friend request based on a past affiliation (high school, college, etc.) and never went beyond hitting the "confirm" button. My bad

The upside of doing this was the increased interaction from friends who realized they weren't one of the 98. screen_shot_2010-11-18_at_9.44.18_am.pngAfter changing my status to reflect my purge, several friends from whom I hadn't heard in awhile, posted comments saying they were glad to make the cut. A win-win situation.

I suspect some old acquaintances seek us out and ask to be friends just so they can see what we look like or find out what we're doing. So it's kind of like a constant, online high school reunion. Some people stand in the back of the room and lurk, have a few drinks and leave. The friends who really wanted to see you walk right up and shake your hand or give you a hug like you just saw them last week.

And it's also that many people sign up for Facebook and realize it's just not for them. Quite a few people I unfriended not only hadn't interacted with me but also hadn't updated their status in months.

Did you participate in National UnFriend Day?

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