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Find your lost Android phone or tablet with Clap Phone Finder

f-0-5aaa0f28ea7b6835de8e476399a01bcd188561b6.jpgRemember The Clapper? Who could forget that catchy tune? Ya know, clap on...clap off? OK, I had a little nostalgic moment there, but the point I'm trying to make is still a good one. With the Clapper you could clap your hands to turn on a light or turn off your TV. With the Clap Phone Finder app for Android phones and tablets, you can clap your hands to find your phone.

This app runs in the background so if you lose your phone all you have to do is clap your hands several times and it will start playing a ring tone of your choosing, or vibrate, or do both. Of course you have to be near the phone (in the same room) and the phone has to be where it can "hear" your claps. You can choose different ring tones and it to vibrate as well. You also can have it activate after a pre-determined amount of time and you can adjust the clap sensitivity.

The developer says it will work when your phone is in a bag, under a coat or in a drawer. With the sensitivity settings set on Medium it responded to my claps every time, but it also went off when my dogs barked. I changed the sensitivity to high and put my Motorola Xoom under a pillow on the couch and it worked fine. Each time I had to clap loudly and deliberately, much in the same way you do with The Clapper. You'll have to experiment with the sensitivity settings to find the right mix. And if you're worried about battery drain, the developer says is uses under two percent of your battery when running.

Clap Phone Finder works pretty well, is kind of fun and at $.99 it's not a bad deal. Keep in mind, however, you can achieve the same thing by just calling your lost phone and listening for it to ring.

[Last modified: Monday, May 23, 2011 4:46pm]


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