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Find your pet using the Secure-A-Pet GPS collar and your phone



We have a Beagle named Sally in the Gadget Guy household and she likes to chase squirrels. I refer to her as our Vietnamese pot-bellied Beagle because of her size and despite her considerable girth, when she decides to run she's hard to catch. photo.jpgWe walk her on a leash but every now and then she escapes by nudging her way through a crack in the front door or through someone's legs. She's micro-chipped, and that means if someone catches her they can find us. But when she's on the run and out of our sight, how do we find her? (Photo by Mrs. Gadget Guy)

Well, there are GPS locators for cars and phones, so how about for dogs?


The Secure-A-Pet dog collar is a live tracking system for pets 10 pounds and up. Embedded in the 5 oz. collar is a GPS tracking device and when activated with a Secure-A-Pet account ($100 a year) it provides an "on demand" location for your pet, 3-5 minutes after you push the "find my pet" button on their web site. The collar is $150 and comes with two rechargeable batteries.

Secure-A-Pet says of the thousands of pets that are lost each day, 84% of them never find their way home. So if you come home from work and find that Sparky has dug a hole under the fence and escaped, how do you know where to start looking?

To make things even easier, there is an iPhone app available that you can use to track your pet right on your phone and an Android app is coming soon.

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Micro-chipping is still a great thing and all pet owners should really consider getting it done. GPS tracking is the trail of bread crumbs you need to find Sparky and bring him home. In my case, however, I would still need to catch Sally and that's no easy task. I wonder if there's an app for that?

If you're interested in getting your dog or cat micro-chipped, the Suncoast Animal League will have a booth at the annual Mutt March in Dunedin where you can get it done for $15.

[Last modified: Friday, May 13, 2011 10:52am]


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