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Go old-school on your smartphone calls with this retro Bluetooth handset



So almost everyone has a fancy-schmancy smartphone these days and many people walk around looking like the guy from the Cloud City in Star Wars, with their Bluetooth earpieces. You see them in a store or driving their cars, seemingly talking to themselves or a large, imaginary rabbit named Harvey. It used to be an infrequent occurrence, but now they're everywhere. I've tried several types of Bluetooth earpieces and while many work very well, I just don't find them to be comfortable for more than an hour or so. Additionally, I really don't like the way they look.

8928_bluetooth_retro_handset_black_red.jpgBut what alternatives are out there? You can get a full headset that will make you look like a telemarketer (worse). How about walking around and talking to people on what looks like an old-fashioned phone? Possible? Keep reading.

The folks at ThinkGeek have this cool, retro phone handset that looks like an old Ma Bell phone. The catch, however, is that's a Bluetooth handset. So you can link it up with your smartphone, leave the smartphone in your purse or pocket and walk around talking to people on what looks like a 1950s-era phone. Funny! And hey, this baby is not only good for the comedic value but it may be more comfortable to use (and less dorky-looking) than a Bluetooth earpiece.

The handset charges through USB and comes with a charging cable. It's rated for a wireless range of 30 feet and not only can you use it to receive calls but you can make calls with it too. It normally sells for $49.99 but it's currently on sale for $24.99. That's a fraction of what a decent Bluetooth headset would cost and unless the sound quality is really awful, it would be a fun and productive gadget to have around.

[Last modified: Tuesday, April 19, 2011 12:04am]


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