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GoPro camera stolen by seagull produces bird's-eye video, or not?



gopro_hero_wide.jpgIf you aren't familiar with the GoPro Hero camera, it's a small camera with a wide-angle lens in a waterproof housing that's meant for making extreme sports videos. The uploader of this video claims a seagull in Cannes, France decided to make a mark as an amateur filmmaker with this unique "bird's-eye view" video made when the bird snatched the camera off the ground and flew away with it. Check it out:


The uploaded of the video, YouTube user opica1983, said in posted comments that he/she had to climb a wall at the castle in the video to retrieve the camera and that although it looks like the bird flew a good distance away, the camera was not far away.

So here's the you think this video is real? There are a lot of questions being asked about that. The video is starting to go viral and the the makers of the GoPro cameras have had a few viral videos before. Some people are questioning whether a seagull could fly with a GoPro in it's beak, even though it's very light from the human perspective. It does seem odd that someone would be using a GoPro to make video of a castle in Cannes, France (home of the famous film festival) and that they would be able to find the camera, at night, after a seagull flies away with it. If the video is a fake, they've done a clever job with it. What do you think?

And if it isn't a fake, you have to have respect for a seagull who knows a great gadget when he sees one. I'm just glad the video doesn't include any live shots of the "bombing raids" for which seagulls are most famous.

[Last modified: Monday, June 27, 2011 9:26am]


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