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High Fives: 5 cool things you might have missed this past week



Windows 8: Last Wednesday's release of Windows 8's beta version seemed to have been overshadowed by the introduction of a new version of a certain tablet. Reviewers have been busy trying the new operating system out. Here's a guide by PC World on what you need to know about Windows 8, which is designed around touch screen. Some were not impressed. Here's a look my Maximum PC and eight things they disliked about Windows 8.

Writing with style: Gizmodo found a pen that stands out - actually, stands up - and stays put. Slanda, which means dragonfly in Swedish, perches on the desktop like its namesake, at a 45 degree angle, making it easy to grab. Want one? It's $30 at Gustav Innovation.

Worth mentioning: New York Times technology columnist David Pogue put together a list of products that didn't quite make the best-of list, but still clever enough to mention.

Paper cut: Get more control over how big the paper towels sheets are with the high-tech CLEANCut touchless dispenser. The sensors on the device indicate when to start, stop then cut the towels, which can be of any brand. But this device is pretty costly: $140.

Invisibility trick:
Mercedes-Benz promoted its hydrogen fuel cell technology by making its car "disappear" (like car emissions. Get it?). They covered a side of the F-cell car with LED-screen. The attached a camera to the other side and projected the images to the screen.
Check it out here on the ABC News blog.

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