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Ice water-filled Aircast Cryo/Cuff brings great relief after knee surgery



I had arthroscopic surgery last Tuesday to repair torn menisci in my right knee. Since then I've been icing my knee and leg constantly using state-of-the-art frozen peas technology. Well, the peas do a great job getting things cold but they aren't very good at staying on your knee, unless you want to lie down on your back and hold completely still for long periods of time (and I don't). So I've been getting the job done but it's been an aggravating process and very messy.


I've been sharing my pain and progress with friends on Facebook and more than one person asked if I had this special ice water sleeve to put on my knee. I didn't pay much mind to it but the more I described my pain, the more they asked about it so I finally decided to look it up. After a quick Google search using "ice water knee cuff" on Saturday, I found the Aircast Cryo/Cuff. It's a special sleeve for your knee that you fill with ice and water and then pressurize, to distribute a soothing blanket of cold around the hurt.

I ordered it on Saturday on and it just arrived. Five minutes after taking it out of the box I finally have some relief. And the cool thing is (pun intended) I don't have to stay on my back. The cuff stays in place, it doesn't leak and it doesn't sweat. Ahhhh!

The cuff I bought stays cold for about an hour and then you just refill. Aircast also makes cuffs with an attached cooler and pump for longer periods of constant cold and autochill systems that plug into the wall. They're quite a bit more expensive and not as portable, so I actually prefer the one I have. I can even take it on trips and easily fill it in a hotel or use it while driving on trips or wherever. I just wish I had asked more questions about it when my friends first mentioned it. This past week likely would have been a lot easier if I had.

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