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iLove necklace-cam designed to keep your kids safe from harm



When our daughter started middle school we were concerned about her walking to the after-school center each day. For safety and piece of mind, we gave her a hand-me-down, original iPhone with GPS tracking software and had her check in frequently. At CTIA Wireless in Orlando I saw something that may have been easier.


The iLove "necklace cam" is a small, wearable video camera designed for use by children, the elderly or other people who may need assistance if they find themselves in a perilous situation. The camera, about half the size of a normal smartphone, is equipped with a GPS, WiFi and a 3G CDMA radio for communication. It has an emergency "SOS" button that can be set to dial 911 or a number of your choosing plus two additional programmable call buttons.

Using the GPS in the camera, it can be set to monitor certain zones and automatically send an alert to the parent or guardian when the person has left a safe zone or is entering a dangerous one.

When the person wearing the camera has an emergency, a push of the SOS button begins recording and transmission of real-time video and GPS information to a server (service required) and SMS messages are sent to pre-established contacts (parents, guardians). As long as the camera is running the video is secure because it's sent to a server. In the case of an abduction or home invasion, for instance, even if the attacker destroys the camera all data sent before it was destroyed is secure on the server. The video can then be used to identify the suspect.

Additionally, two-way communication is available by calling the iLove as you would a phone and the person wearing the camera can call using the two call buttons. This is good for check-ins by children and elderly adults who live alone.

The iLove currently isn't available in the U.S. because the manufacturer, Starnex Co. Ltd., is looking for a wireless carrier who will carry the product. I hope they find one because I think this product is a great idea.

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