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It looks like the iPhone will be available at Verizon soon



The closer we get to 2011 the more it seems like the Apple iPhone will finally be available on Verizon's network. A friend who recently visited a Verizon store in Gainesville, FL found a salesman who would not confirm it but also would not deny it, saying they wouldn't be selling iPads if the iPhone wasn't soon to follow. 071010101645verizon.jpgShe also noticed an odd lack of advertising for the iPhone by AT&T during the holidays.

A Wall Street Journal story cites "people familiar with the matter" (I love that) in saying the iPhone will be available at Verizon early in 2011. How early? I think there's a realistic possibility we could see it happen in the first week.

As someone who has had the iPhone on AT&T since the first iPhone was released, I have had few connectivity issues in Tampa Bay. I do have friends in other cities who constantly complain about it and experienced some of the well-documented problems in New York City during a recent trip. People who use iPhones move a lot of data around, so there's no way of knowing if it will be any better on the Verizon network once millions of new iPhones are enabled and at least some AT&T users jump ship. Verizon, I'm sure is testing and preparing for that but if the iPhone launch on Verizon isn't the Utopian experience everyone is expecting, Verizon could get the same black eye AT&T has had for awhile now.

When Verizon launches the iPhone do you plan to get one? If you have one on AT&T now are you going to hyper-jump to Verizon? Me, I plan to stay with AT&T at least until the dust settles. It's worked well for the four iPhones in our household and with a ton of the data switching to another pipe, the AT&T pipe may seem like a country road away from the congested highway.

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