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iWallet can protect your credit cards and identity, for a price



If you've ever had your wallet stolen you know what a pain it is to cancel all your credit cards and wait for new ones while worrying that the thief will use the information to take over your financial life. Think about all the information you have packed in your wallet. Are you vulnerable? You bet.


That's what makes the iWallet such an intriguing idea. It's like a pocket safe, using biometric technology developed to recognize the owner's fingerprint. No fingerprint, no access. Additionally, the iWallet can be paired with mobile phones using Bluetooth, and will sound an audible alarm when the phone is more that 15 feet away. This also acts as a "wireless leash" for your phone, warning you when you leave a location without your phone.

It's available in polycarbonate, fiberglass and carbon fiber versions starting at $299 and topping out at $599 for the carbon fiber model. It's available online or at Macy's.

This thing looks really great but come on, $600 for a wallet? I mean if you can afford to spend $600 on a wallet then you probably aren't too worried about losing your credit cards in the first place. They're putting fingerprint scanners in $200 smartphones now (Motorola Atrix) so we should see the price on iWallet come down eventually. If it doesn't, it won't make it to the mainstream.

[Last modified: Wednesday, April 27, 2011 2:13pm]


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