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Keep a facial diary with Daily Mugshot



My son and I are were talking last night and he was telling me about this project where a guy (J.K. Keller) took one mugshot of himself each day for eight years. That's almost 3,000 photos, and he made them into a video. Take a look:

Living My Life Faster - 8 years of JK's Daily Photo Project from JK Keller on Vimeo.

The amazing thing about the video, and my son aptly pointed this out, is that you see Keller age. Eight years of his life (really just his face), captured and displayed in one minute and 44 seconds. Amazing.

You'll notice his eyes are the constant in the video, always aligned with the photo before and after. That makes the transitions from photo to photo so smooth. He did this using software called Adobe After Effects but you should be able to do it with many video editing programs.Screen_shot_2010-11-04_at_11.15.51_AM.png

Want to try a project like this in a more simple way? Well, go on over to There you can use a webcam, digital camera or iPhone to do the same thing and build an online slideshow you can share with friends through email and social media sites like Facebook and Blogger.

Nearly 4,000 people currently have mugshot slideshows on DMD and 41 of them have more than 300 mugshots each. The slideshows aren't as fluid as Keller's video, and I suspect that's because most people don't realize the intent is to capture your expressionless face in the same general position each day. But even the ones where people make faces, poses and wear masks are pretty cool. Here's one a woman does in her car each day and her alignment is pretty good. So far she has 419 mugshots, counting one taken today. Photos can be viewed in slideshow or mosaic format.


This would be a great thing to do with kids over the years, as a visual diary to show how much they grow and change. And if you're concerned about privacy issues you don't have to do it on the Daily Mugshot site. Just pick a spot in your house and try to take a photo in the same position each day, paying special attention to the position of the eyes. Save the photos by date and then use a video editing program to put them in sequence and export the whole thing as a video file.

Here's one I came across, showing the growth of a man's beard. The photos were made over only 36 days but the technique is excellent.

Pretty cool stuff! I wish I had done this with my kids as it would be a priceless way to show how much they change.

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