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Keep your mother-in-law busy with the Be A HeadCase phone case, bottle and can opener



The retail area at the International CTIA Wireless 2011 show in Orlando was flooded with so many smartphone cases that after awhile it became a blur of colors and rhinestones. One case really stood out for me, however, and that was the Be A HeadCase bottle and can opener case. The case is not only convenient and functional, it's really well-made and a heck of a lot of fun too.

It comes with a free app that keeps track of the number of opened bottles and cans and you can clear the counter at any time to destroy the evidence. It also plays sounds and displays photos after each bottle or Can is opened. An included selection of sounds gets you started and you can record custom sounds or select anything you have in the music library on your device. The same goes for photos.

I used the mother-in-law sound for my test and found a suitable image online to go with it. Funny, funny stuff.

screen_shot_2011-03-23_at_2.31.21_am.pngYou may be wondering if prying off bottle tops with a steel blade attached to your phone case will do any damage to your phone (I was wondering that). Well, the case is engineered with some plastic ribs under the blade area so it will give when you're prying. This takes the prying pressure off the phone itself. Also, the edges of the cases are designed to prevent moisture from getting to your case should you temporarily lose control of your motor functions and spill your beverage, whatever it may be. The case has a rubberized finish providing a good gripping surface.

Does it sound bulky to you? Well it's not. The case itself is pretty minimal and the blade make it about 1/8-inch thicker. For me it's not the kind of case I'd carry every day but it's a great thing to have for tailgating, boating or the occasional party. No I just need to find some good sounds and photos from the movie "Animal House."

Special Note: Five Woodchuck ciders were sacrificed in the making of this video. Hey it's a tough job but someone has to do it.

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