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Make Facebook look like a spreadsheet and keep the boss at bay

You're at work in a cubicle where everyone, including the boss, can get a clean look at your screen, but you want to get in some Facebook time. How are you going to do it without getting busted? Try this trick.


Go to (how appropriate) and click on "Gimme dem spreadsheets" then enter your Facebook login info to install a clever application that makes your Facebook account look like a spreadsheet. Now you may have seen other hacks like this that quickly put a non-functional spreadsheet on your screen with a keystroke, to hide whatever you were doing. But this spreadsheet is different because it's an almost fully-functional version of your Facebook account.


You can load new posts, view your wall and see recently tagged photos. If you hover over your comments, likes, names and links more information displays in a pop-up window. If you hover over names, photos, videos and links you get thumbnail previews. There's even a share button and you can search for friends using the spreadsheet formula field. Boss coming? Hit the space bar to bail and bring up a spreadsheet with "real" data.

comments.pngThis is a clever idea and it works well enough, but there a few caveats. First, the spreadsheet still displays in a web browser window so if someone looks closely they easily can tell you're not really working in Excel. You can put your browser in full-screen mode and that helps facilitate the illusion. Secondly, if you're a Mac user the spreadsheet is displayed in a Windows OS environment so that could be a quick giveaway too. As long as you don't have someone standing right over your shoulder, these things probably won't matter and you can Facebook away, undetected.

[Last modified: Tuesday, July 5, 2011 11:57am]


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