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Make s'mores in the microwave without exploding marshmallows



41vc3yfo-kl.jpgI love s'mores and always enjoy making them. Half the fun of making s'mores is melting the marshmallows on the fire, but what if you don't have a fire? I guess you could melt them in an oven, but that seems like overkill. Melting them in the microwave usually doesn't work because the marshmallows expand and explode, leaving the inside of your microwave looking like one of the closing scenes from Ghostbusters. So you need the Progressive International GMMC-68 Microwavable S'Mores Maker.

This handy kitchen gadget was designed to make perfect s'mores in your microwave with no mess. It cooks up to two s'mores in just 30 seconds and has special arms that keep the marshmallows compressed between the graham crackers so they won't expand and explode. A built-in water reservoir keeps the marshmallows moist so you can microwave your s'mores long enough for the chocolate to melt. This thing sells for just over $7 on and gets rave reviews there. Check it out.

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