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Make your pictures talk with the new Jibber app for iPhone



Over the weekend I found this new gem of an app called Jibber. Have you seen those funny JibJab videos and ecards you can make with the animated mouth? Or how about those old Monty Python animated cartoons? Well this is an app that makes funny videos similar to those and using it, you can make your pictures talk using your own mouth. It's hilarious!

To get started you can make a new photo or use one in your iPhone or iPod Touch camera roll. The photo should be a fairly tight head shot with a front-facing view of the person's mouth. In the first step you crop and size the photo. In the second step you use your finger to erase the mouth in the photo, creating a spot where video of your mouth will appear. In the last step you use the rear-facing (I said front-facing in my video. Sorry!) camera to place your mouth in the hole on the photo and record a video of your mouth speaking or singing.

img_0353_0.png   img_0354.png

When you erase the mouth on the original photo, use your fingertip and just lightly touch it multiple times so the edges will be more feathered to make the video of your mouth blend better. If you swipe your finger across the mouth it will make harder edges and the effect won't be as good. You do need to knock away as much of the original photo as you can in the center of the hole you create, revealing the checkered background, so the video of your mouth will show through clearly.

When you're done your video will be created and you'll have a choice to save to your camera roll, email it, send it to Facebook or upload it to YouTube. There also is a Facebook page and a YouTube channel where you can share your Jibber videos. I had some trouble uploading to my Gadget Guy YouTube account, with the app telling me mu login credentials were wrong even though I know they were correct. All other sharing features worked fine.

This is a very creative app and it works very well. It has a few bugs that they're working out and I wish there was a back button for all stages of the process, so you wouldn't have to start over from the beginning after realizing you did a poor job erasing the mouth, for instance. mzl.nnruvebu.320x480-75.jpgIt has a whimsical interface and cheerful music which is fun the first time you launch the app but became a little annoying to me after the first few times. Luckily you can turn the music off.

The possibilities for fun are endless. You can use photos of celebrities and politicians to make them say funny things, create special birthday messages, make your favorite animals talk, etc...

Jibber works with the iPhone 4 and the latest iPod Touch with rear-facing camera.

[Last modified: Monday, February 21, 2011 2:51pm]


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