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New iPhone app makes Facebook profile banners in three easy steps



A few weeks ago I told you about several methods you could use to generate custom banners for the five photo spots at the top of the new Facebook profile pages. Those methods included several Facebook apps that automated the process and a Photoshop template for making them manually. Afterward, several people contacted me saying they still were struggling to make their banners.


Today I found a new app called Facebook Banner Generator that makes makes these banners in three easy steps. If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod and want to make these banners, it would be $.99 well spent.

When you launch the app you have a choice to make a new photo or choose one from your Camera Roll. The selected photo will come up with a five-paned template on top, representing the five photos in the Facebook profile banner. You can move the photo around and enlarge it to line up the elements in the photo with the five panes. In my tests I noticed the final photos were cropped more tightly at the top and right side of the panes, so leave some extra room. When you have everything positioned as you want, hit the "Done" button.

img_0465.png   img_0461.png

You now will see a Facebook preview page showing you how the banner will look. The image is small and you can't enlarge it in this step, so make sure you're careful when you position your photo. When done, hit the "Publish" button.


The first time you publish a banner you will be asked to link the app to you Facebook account. Once that's complete the photos will begin uploading and when done you'll see "banner is published!" Check your Facebook profile page to verify. If you want to make adjustments you can go back and repeat the steps to replace the banner.

The app also creates a photo album named Profile Banner Generator Photos. These photos can be used to create banners on your friend's profile pages too. Select a series of five photo that make a banner and tag someone in them in reverse order of how they will appear in the banner or right to left. The banner will appear at the top of their profile page and you can removed the tags later to remove the banner. This is a great way to wish someone a happy birthday or to commemorate a special occasion. You also can use it play practical jokes on your friends (do so with caution!).


Photos that are wide and loose horizontals work best with this app and very tight horizontals, like a closeup of a face, work well too.

Now go create some banners, have some fun and tell me how it goes!

[Last modified: Friday, March 4, 2011 11:20am]


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