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New +Music plug-in for Chrome brings music to your browser



music500.pngI keep trying different browsers and find features I like in all of them, but I keep coming back to Firefox as my default. Chrome is a close second, and I've tried to force myself to use it more because I believe it's the future of web browsing. Every once in awhile a cool, new plug-in is released for Chrome and I go back. The latest is +Music, and this time it may be enough to make me stay.


The +Music plug-in from brings streaming music right to the Chrome browser. It's kind of like having Pandora built right in and it makes listening music a simple task. Install the plug-in and click on the little music note icon in the upper right of your browser window and the +Music player will appear. Type in the name of an artist or band and it will instantly build a playlist of available songs. Hit the play button and you're in business. It also features integration with Facebook, allowing you to share full songs with friends, even if they don't have the extension. Watch the video above to see how it works.

Features include:

  • Listen to any band while browsing the web
  • Music plays in the background and can be controlled via the extension icon
  • Search directly or highlight a band name on the page you're viewing
  • Choose between MP3s or Radio for fetching music
  • Quick access to each band's online profiles

Facebook integration features include:

  • Share streamable tracks in your Facebook feed
  • One-click listening from official Facebook band pages
  • View similar bands in the left column of Facebook
  • Convenient playback controls in the Facebook header

screen_shot_2011-08-17_at_1.55.30_pm.pngToday I quickly pulled up an extensive playlist of Frank Sinatra tunes and started playing them in the background. There was no noticeable hit to my network speed and it just worked, flawlessly. With a quick click I shared "The Coffee Song" to Facebook and it posted with an embedded player. Wow, what a great way to share new tunes! I continue to be impressed with Chrome and the things that are being developed for it. Now I just need to cut the Firefox umbilical cord and take the Chrome plunge for good.


[Last modified: Wednesday, August 17, 2011 2:07pm]


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