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Open gifts more easily with the Zibra Open It



Christmas is just 16 days away now and for some people that means there soon will be lots of packages to open, clamshells to cut and batteries to install. It seems like more and more manufacturers are using excessive packaging these days, and that can be a nightmare on the big day when the kids want that new toy out of the box and ready to go. You can use scissors but how about a gadget that will open packages, help you install batteries and pop open your beer?


The Zibra Open It! is a 5-in-one tool that does just that. It has long cutting jaws with precision steel blades for cutting clamshell packages, zip ties and many other things. A separate utility knife pops out of one handle for opening boxes and a removable screwdriver comes out of the other handle so you can open the battery compartment on toys and other electronics. zpcopen-pop-off_small_0.jpgThe gap between the blades is designed to open bottles.

A safety catch keeps the cutters closed when not in use. This is an important feature as the blades are very sharp and should not be used by children.

This thing cuts through plastic packages like a hot lightsaber through carbonite! It has patended, angular jaws that make cutting clamshell packages particularly easy, keeping your hands away from the sharp plastic. Worse than paper cuts, those plastic cuts are just nasty.

This is a handy tool to have in the kitchen or garage year around, not just at holiday time. It's available at local discount retailers for a list price of $9.99. Zibra makes some additional cool gadgets for opening medical prescription bottles and packaging, various jars and bottles and more. Cool stuff for any Gadgeteer!

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