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Phonekerchief lets people know you're committed to their conversation

The next time you're out for dinner, look around the room. How many people are texting? How many people just can't put down their smartphone long enough to have a meaningful conversation over dinner? How about some eye contact?

Sure, you can put your phone on vibrate, airplane mode or just turn it off but it's still there, just begging for attention and the person you're with knows it. With this gadget you can make a strong, visible commitment to go offline, stay in the conversation and give your dinner companion(s) the attention they deserve.

20138_zoom1.jpgThe Phonekerchief is a service-blocking handkerchief made with silver fibers that effectively block incoming calls and texts. Adorned with the the message, "My phone is off for you," it lets people know you're serious about going off the grid for awhile. Just wrap your phone tightly in this high-tech hankie and your texts and calls will be blocked. Here's a description of how it works, from the Phonekerchief site:

"The Phonekerchief fabric is conductive (conducts electricity) because it is partially made up of silver fibers. When the fabric creates an unbroken enclosure (when it is wrapped tightly around a phone without any gaps), it creates a phenomenon that is known in science as a "Faraday Cage". This means that any external static electrical field, such as a phone signal, will cause the electrical charges within the conducting fabric to redistribute themselves so as to cancel the field's effects on what is inside. In order for the Phonekerchief to work effectively, the fabric must be wrapped tightly around the phone and create an unbroken enclosure."

Watch below as designer Ingrid Zweifel shares the inspiration for her creation.

In addition to dinner time this could be a good tool for client meetings, one-on-ones with the boss or any other time when you want the other person to know they have your undivided attention. It's a simple, but elegant idea and one that might make your life feel a little less hectic while making others feel special.

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