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Roundup: Google apps for iOS, Blackberry 10 delayed, free travel apps, more



google-logo.jpgGoogle to take apps offline: Problem with web-based services us the red-flag: What happens if the network dies or you can't get connected? Google plans to make a big step by offering offline editing to Presentations and Spreadsheet apps soon. CNET

Other Google offerings: Just when Apple is trying to become more independent of Google's influences, Google has launched its popular Chrome browser for the iPad and iPhone. Also available is the Google Drive, so users don't have to rely on Google Docs to store their documents. They're available at Apple's App Store (and are already topping the charts). Washington Post

Blackberry 10 release postponed: Research in Motion, maker of Blackberry phones, announced it will delay the launch of new phones until next year. The Canadian company announced it's cutting 5,000 jobs, and the new phone operating system won't be available until the first quarter of next year. Bloomberg

For the love of your smartphone:
A new survey shows that 59 percent of smartphone owners say they would reach into the toilet for their phone that was accidentally dropped rather than losing the device. Some say they would go through the garbage to find their lost phone. Others would fight a thief for it. Los Angeles Times

Free travel apps: Summer's vacation season is here. How will you plan your perfect trip? Here are some free apps to make things easier -- from checking on best flights to mapping and guide app. CNET


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