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Roundup: Slacker service revamped, Apple's smart watch, $10K smartphone



FuelBand on Android? Not yet. Nike is focusing on iOS and the web interface, not an Android app that syncs with the fitness gadget.   Gizmodo

Let the music flow: eMusic, a download-to-own music retailer, is getting rid of the monthly subscription requirement. Now, anyone can go to to buy dogs or albums at retail price.

Apple seems busy: The latest Apple-related rumor is the Dick Tracy-like smart watch you can wear on your wrist. Here's a roundup of all the possible projects Apple has on the table.   Gizmodo

Bite me! 3-D printing is all the rage lately. A lucky few in Japan had a chance to create chocolate with the image of that person's head using the technology. Lollipop version, with the head on a stick, was also available.  CNet

Talk to your photo: Photo editing is getting a lot easier lately with innovative software. Adobe wants to step it up a notch with an you can talk to for improving your photos.   Gizmodo

Perfect for Valentine's Day: Here's an app where you can personalize and send images and notes to each other while you're talking on the phone. Called the "visual call enhancer," Twiize lets you interact with photos, drawings, or view each other's Facebook timelines while they chat. Free for Android.   

Phone for the rich and famous: Vertu, the company that makes phones for the wealthy, now has an Android-powered smartphone called Vertu Ti. Cost? Oh, just $9.600 TO START.

Magazine killers? Circulation for magazines are dropping significantly, and some attribute the decline to mobile devices. Users check their phones instead of the magazine racks at the checkout lanes, thus reducing impulse buys.  Business Insider

[Last modified: Wednesday, February 13, 2013 8:09pm]


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