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Share your fashion finds when shopping with these two iOS apps



OK ladies, this one is for you. Have you ever been out shopping and after finding an incredible fashion deal just wanted to shout it out to the world? Sure, you can make a photo with your phone and send it to your BFF, but don't more people deserve to know about your score? Use these apps and not only will you be able to share your booty with a network of deal divas but you also can peruse great finds by others in hopes of finding their deals too, around the corner and across the world.

The two iOS apps, Pose and Snapette, are similar in their purpose. You can use them both to snap a photo of a hot pair of shoes, a new outfit or a cool purse for sharing. Here are the descriptions for each app:


With Pose you can create an account and profile to follow a network of fashion friends as they shop in real-time. Find a cool pair of shoes? Take a photo with your iPhone and share your "pose" with others on the network and across social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and email. With each photo you add to the network you also can details noting the price, brand and/or the store where you found the item.

You can get instant feedback and compare your finds to those from others who discover inspiring styles from around the world. Pose also allows you to follow featured contributors, brands and retailers and you can sort the most-popular poses by day, month and "all-time." Users can add comments and ask questions on individual photos.

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Looking through the photos contributed by users of Pose I found a lot of purses and shoes. Some photos, however, are very intimate and show someone trying on a new outfit in the mirror of their bedroom. This makes for a very personal feel, like an inside look at two girlfriends talking about a day at the mall. The photos are presented in a sort of dreamy, nostalgic way that make this app seem like the Instagram for fashion. Very cool.



Snapette is very similar to Pose and is the newer app of the two. It works basically the same way. You create an account then take and upload photos of your finds, adding details about brand, location and price. Snapette sorts fashion finds by Hot, Near and New giving you a chance to run out and get a deal near you as soon as you see it. The app even includes a map function with directions to the store where the item was found.

The Featured button displays a list of users with the hottest collections of fashion photos and stores displaying items from their inventory in various cities.

You can love and comment on photos, follow other users in your personal feed and showcase your personal fashion finds in a "virtual closet."

mzl.wcehcjxf.320x480-75.jpg  photo.png  mzl.efszkiyw.320x480-75.jpg

There are lots of shoes and purses in this app too with a similar feel to the Pose app. Sharing photos on Facebook and Tumblr is possible once you use the app to make a photo and add it to your account. The latest version of the app also has notifications.

Both these apps represent a cool idea for social interaction tied to shopping. I can see this expanding to other types of products, like gadgets, for instance (hint, hint). A version for parents trying to find the hottest holiday season toys would be good too. Lots of possibilities with this idea.

[Last modified: Wednesday, September 7, 2011 11:26pm]


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