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Smartphone auto-correct produces comical results



Have you ever typed something on your smartphone and hit send without realizing what you were actually about to say? With the auto-correct feature turned on some strange and comical results are possible. At you can benefit from the auto-correct misfortunes of others and see a bunch of hysterical examples of this technology gone awry. Every time I go there I laugh until I cry!

did-rectum.jpgOn the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, automatic capitalization, correction and spelling are enabled by default. When typing, a recommended word will pop up like in the example above. The blue word is the recommended word and if you don't want to use it, you have to hit the little x next to the word. If you text quickly and go onto the next word without looking, the recommended word will replace the word you're trying to type. If you don't notice before hitting the send button, hilarious and embarrassing things can happen.

To turn off auto-correct on your iOS device, follow this path: SETTINGS -> GENERAL -> KEYBOARD. 

cigarettes-cogs.jpgIf you have a funny auto-correct you want to share, make a screen grab of it and upload it to the site. To take a screen grab with your iOS device, hold down the home button then tap the top button. Your screen will flash white and the image will be stored in the camera roll in your Camera or Photos app.

WARNING - I posted some of the tamer ones here, but some of the auto-correct images on the site contain foul language. If you're offended by that sort of thing then proceed with caution!

You also can follow daily site updates on Twitter using hashtag @damyouac. If you do go to the site, make sure you're somewhere where you can really laugh out loud!


[Last modified: Thursday, November 11, 2010 6:52pm]


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