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From the staff of the Tampa Bay Times

Some gadgets are just wrong!



I like gadgets but even I know when a gadget has gone wrong. One of those is the TV Hat.

The TV Hat is designed to hold an iPod, iPhone or similar digital video device. It has a special tunnel attached to it with a magnifying lens, turning the hat into a virtual theater.

Now I haven't tried the TV Hat and although it may work very well here is the big problem I have with it.

It looks stupid!

The TV Hat

 In every photo the people look like platypuses, with that giant, black bill protruding off their faces. I laughed out loud at every photo and I particularly like the video on the TV Hat site, when the couple in bed kisses goodnight and then the man pulls the TV Hat over his face. That's gotta be great for your relationship.



OK, maybe it would be OK on an plane when you basically want to block out the rest of the world and kill some time. But would you ride around town with it on your face, like the guy in this photo, blocking out all your peripheral vision?



I guess if you want to train to be an NFL referee it might work as well, so you practice for the instant replay calls.


The TV Hat is available as a hat or visor for $29.95. Operators are standing by...

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