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Surprise friends with a custom, Facebook profile page message



Yesterday I told you about some cool apps you can use to customize your Facebook profile page. To take that a step further, what if you could customize your friends' profile pages and possibly send them special messages, just by uploading and tagging some images? Interested? Keep reading.

We'll be utilizing the five photo boxes at the top of the new Facebook profile page layout, so first you need to create five custom images, all sized 97 pixels wide by 68 pixels tall at 72 dpi. They can be individual images, a series of images that form a collage or images with letters that spell a word. Here's an example:


To create the image sequence above I placed the original image in a Photoshop template and broke it into five equal parts, all 97 by 68 pixels as described earlier. When I saved the five images I numbered them 1-5, from left to right, so I would know their order when I uploaded them.

Using the Facebook upload tool, create a new photo album and upload the images in order, left to right (1-5, as you numbered them). Once they're uploaded, tag the photos in reverse order (right to left or 5-1) with the name of the person on whose profile page you want the final image sequence to appear. When you're all done, this is how it will look:


After using this set of images to wish my friend a happy birthday, I can untag her then tag another friend later to send the same happy birthday wish to them. Once the image sequence has been created it can be used over and over again. You also can create custom image sequences for your own profile page. Here's another example:

screen_shot_2011-01-26_at_11.26.07_am.png      .

If you want the photo collage to be visible to all your friend's friends, make sure you change the album's privacy settings to "Everyone" or "Friends of Friends."


This is a nice way to surprise a friend with a custom message on their profile page and you can also use it for practical jokes. There is one caveat, however. If someone else tags a photo of your friend it will bump one of the images from the sequence, ruing your custom message. So it's best to let you friend know when you've done this to make sure they get a chance to see it in all its glory.


[Last modified: Wednesday, January 26, 2011 11:39am]


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