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Trash Amps "can" deliver big sound in a small package



7up_retro.pngIt's no secret that sound and music, when trapped inside a hollow space, are naturally amplified. That's the concept behind Trash Amps, small amplifiers that are designed to be used in hollow containers that might otherwise be thrown away. The Trash Amps slogan is "Reuse it for Music" and they go to great lengths to recycle cans, takeout food boxes and even their shipping containers while manufacturing their product.

The actual amp is a small, battery-operated device with a retractable connection cord and it's primary designed to sit on the top of standard soda or beer cans. They sell the amps in combo packs with cans for $49.99 and takeout boxes for $59.99, and you can buy additional cans, boxes and grilles to have multiple styles for your amp. They also show an amp being used in a glass jar with a guitar.

Each amp has two modes, "jam" and "chill." The jam mode is for maximum volume, when you want to hook up to a guitar or other instrument, and chill mode is for listening to music. Check out the video below for a demonstration.

This is a cool idea and I really appreciate the recycling aspect of it. in addition to reusing cans and takeout containers they recycle plastic clam shell boxes, used for strawberries, along with recycled cardboard for their packaging. The sound is big for such a small device, but I have to say I was a little surprised at the $50 price tag. Seems like $30 would be a better price point for something like this, without knowing the production costs.

If you like the concept of the Trash Amps and don't have $50 to spend, you might want to check out this Pringles promotion. Through the promotion you can get a similar device to put on a Pringles can by sending proof of purchase of four cans of Pringles. I'm guessing it isn't as powerful as the Trash Amps and it doesn't have two modes, but it seems basically the same. I sent away for one a week ago and will post a review once I receive it.

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