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Tuba Cam may be first for Macy's Parade



I've been in New York this week to do a video story on the Seminole Warhawk Band and their trip to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I had hoped to put together a video showing all the gadgets I planned to use while walkng the parade route. My crazy shooting, editing and lack-of-sleeping schedule made that difficult to do, so I'll share two cool things with you now and will do a follow-up later.

As far as I know, yesterday was the first time a Tuba Cam has been used in the Macy's Parade. cody_tuba_cam.jpgThat's right, I mounted a GoPro Hero HD camera on the bell of tuba player Cody Herod's instrument (and for the band geeks out there, it's really a Sousaphone). With a Lithium-Ion battery good for more than two hours of run-time and a 16GB SD card, the camera captured Herod's perspective for the entire parade route, up to the NBC broadcast area where it had to be removed. I used two clips in the final parade video and matched up audio from my handheld cameras in the final edit. The audio captured by the Tuba Cam was just a bunch of non-musical blats.


While walking the parade route I needed to be able to send photos back to the staff so they could quickly put them on the web site. Once the parade started I couldn't stop, so I carried a third camera for still photos and used an EyeFi SD card with my Verizon MiFi 2200 mobile hotspot to wirelessly send photos to Flickr automatically. The parade photos were available for download a minute or two after I made them which meant they were on while the parade was still happening. The parade photos in this photo gallery were sent using the EyeFi card.

Here's I am deploying the Tuba Cam just before the start of the parade. Technology and gadgets are great and knowing when to use the right gadget, in the right situation, is the key to getting the most out of what you have.


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