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Use your iPhone 4 as an air horn



When I was a kid I used to go to Tampa Bay Rowdies games with my trusty air horn to make some noise. It was the old kind that used a can of freon attached to the horn, like the gas-filled ones we use on boats now. Man, I loved that thing.

Times have changed and you can't bring those into stadiums anymore. But what if there was a simple device you could attach your iPhone that gave you simple capabilities? Do you think something like that even exists?


The iPhone Horn Stand Portable Amplifier is a device that snaps around the speakers on your iPhone 4 to amplify the sound. It uses now power, but instead utilizes the same age-old amplification technology used when you cup your hands around your mouth or when a cheerleader uses a megaphone to yell a cheer. Made from silicone and available in several colors, it amplifies the sound of your speakers by 13 decibels.


You can use it as a stand to hold your iPhone 4 in vertical or horizontal positions and play music or watch movies. And with one of the many air horn apps available for the iPhone, you can have a stadium-approved, environmentally-friendly simulated air horn to make some noise at your favorite sporting event. Cool!

Of course the one thing you can't do with this gadget is turn it upside-down to shoot out the freon and freeze your brother's hand and make him scream. I really loved doing that.

[Last modified: Friday, February 4, 2011 1:17pm]


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