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WiFi at 30,000 feet? can tell you



I recently flew to San Diego and had heard about inflight WiFi but didn't know if my flight had it. A colleage who had flown out a few days before reported using it and was Facebooking from the plane. I was anxious to try out my new iPad and the WiFi at 30,000 feet, so I asked at the ticket counter and at check-in. The answer? You'll find out when you get to the plane. But that wasn't good enough! I wanted to know!

When I was at the plane's door I saw the GoGo logo breathed a sigh of relief. It just would have been SO much easier had I known in advance. And now, next time I fly, I'll know.


At you can choose your airline and flight in advance to find out if you'll have access to WiFi. Currently the list of airlines is limited to just seven and they're all on the GoGo system because that's the only game in town. A note on the site also points out that GoGo only is available for flights originating within the United States and while some aircraft may show as having Wifi available, the service only becomes available within 100 miles of the continental United States border.


The site is interactive and has Yes and No buttons so you can confirm reported WiFi service is in fact available on each flight. This makes it a database partially owned by the travelers themselves which is a cool way to do it.

So next time you book a flight, if you want WiFi, check for it in advance. Now if someone would just make a Cinnabon search for airports...

[Last modified: Tuesday, October 12, 2010 2:10pm]


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